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  Filtration System Most of us don’t use Filtration System for the water we drink. We get a bottle open it and drink it. Is the water you drink safe? What would you do if you found out the water you’re drinking is contaminated?
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Why the reverse osmosis?

  You never know what tap water really contains. How to provide a certain source of pure water at your home ? 

Who is Karol Dolega

Drink only healthy water provided by Proecolife systems and be as successful as Karol Dolega.

Osmosis Water or Bottled Water?

  We all know that water is an essential element of our survival. To stay healthy we should all drink in large quantities.

You Are What You Drink

 Water is not just H2O. It contains various good minerals called macro and microelements such as calcium and magnesium, but unfortunately, it also contains harmful secondary substances.

Bad Water Triggering Health Concern in Europe

                           Chemicals stemming from the water disinfection process have been found in high levels throughout many European countries leading to health concerns.

Taste Test - Tap Water Versus Bottled Water

  Is the biggest reason why many people claim they consume more bottled water over tap water actually a myth?